Minnesota organizations receive 3 of 27 grants from Raliance, an NFL funded Collaborative Initiative to End Sexual Violence in One Generation

Three organizations—Men As Peacemakers, the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) and the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC)--have been selected to receive nearly $150,000 in grants from Raliance, a newly launched, collaborative initiative dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation. The grants will support these organizations’ work to reduce the likelihood of the perpetration of sexual violence and to address organizational, systemic, or community-level prevention strategies. 

“This was a competitive process with over 250 applications, so for Minnesota organizations to receive three of 27 grants is really exciting and acknowledges the great prevention work being done in Minnesota,” said Jeanne Ronayne, Executive Director of the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault. “This funding emphasized projects that can be replicated so Minnesota is really in a position to influence prevention across the nation.”

 “Men As Peacemakers is honored to receive this funding, and to join Raliance and our Minnesota colleagues in our collective work to end sexual violence in one generation,” said Ed Heisler, Executive Director. “This funding will allow MAP to continue our important work to embed sexual violence prevention in athletics through our IMPACT Program (Athletics. Equality. Change.). Coaches are the top influencers of athletes outside the home, so coaches and athletics organizations play an important role is promoting gender equality and preventing sexual violence.”

Native people are impacted by sexual violence at such high rates. It is so important that prevention work be culturally relevant and address historical trauma,” said Patina Park, Executive Director of the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center. “This funding provides critical resources for us to also acknowledge and address the sexual exploitation experiences of Native boys, young men, and Two Spirit/Native LGBTQ youth.”

“Our project is aimed at reducing the likelihood of people to sexually offend by identifying and building support for policy and practices that increase early identification and access to services for children with sexual behavior problems”, said Yvonne Cournoyer, Prevention Program Manager at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault. “We want adults who work with children to recognize and respond effectively to children showing concerning behaviors and to reduce barriers to getting the services needed to reduce their likelihood to sexually offend.”

Raliance was recently founded by three leading sexual violence prevention organizations – the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)-PreventConnect, and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV). Raliance will serve as the central hub for effective allocation and distribution of programmatic funding for sexual violence response and prevention efforts and as the go-to resource on sexual violence for policymakers, advocates, service providers and the media.

As its first initiative, Raliance has funded 27 projects – including three from Minnesota (Men As Peacemakers, the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center) – totaling nearly $1.2 million in the first round of an ongoing grant program seeking to advance promising, replicable practices or policies that 1) improve the response to victims of sexual violence; 2) reduce the likelihood of perpetration of sexual violence; or 3) strengthen communities’ and organizations’ capacity to create safe environments. This initiative is made possible through a multiyear, $10 million commitment from the National Football League (NFL).


Founded in 1996, Men As Peacemakers (MAP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Duluth, Minnesota dedicated to ending violence against women and children. Specifically, MAP focuses on preventing sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and commercial sexual exploitation perpetrated against women and girls. MAP engages men, with women and people of all gender identities, in preventing and repairing the harm predominantly caused by males against women and children.

Today, MAP is acknowledged as a key resource in Minnesota communities through the development and implementation of innovative, educational, service-driven and supportive strategies that prevent violence against women and children. MAP’s unique programming serves 1,050 youth and over 250 volunteers, and reaches 10,000 adults annually through its presentations, trainings, and workshops.

Learn more: http://www.menaspeacemakers.org


MNCASA is a voice for victims/survivors, sexual assault programs, and allies committed to ending sexual violence. We represent over 60 service programs statewide and engage with our members and stakeholders through outreach, training, collaboration, public policy initiatives and other activities that raise awareness about sexual violence prevention and system intervention.

MNCASA’s project will improve systems, policies, and practices for identifying, responding to, and providing effective services to children with sexual behavior problems. MNCASA will develop a report summarizing research on best practices, gaps in knowledge and practice, and specific policy recommendations to increase earlier identification and intervention.

Learn more: www.mncasa.org


Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center will create a series of Survivor Support Project activities to contribute to greater understanding of the Native sexual violence survivor experience and best practices for providing culturally appropriate prevention services, with emphasis on the impact of historical trauma on the Native community. Activities include 2 community education events, educational programming to urban American Indian parents and caregivers, and conducting, publishing, and distributing a community needs assessment specific to sexual exploitation experiences of Native boys, young men, and Two-Spirited/Native LGBTQ youth.

Learn more: https://www.miwrc.org

Sponsors and tickets and celebration, OH MY!

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Wait a second, two ticket prices? What are you doing, Men As Peacemakers?


Well, we’re glad you asked! This year we have started a new initiative in ticket pricing. As we celebrate twenty years as an organization and honor the great things being done by local community members and organizations, we want everyone to be able to join us.


So, how does this work?


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In the spirit of community, we want as many people to join us in celebrating the peacemakers of Duluth and we couldn’t do it without the help of our great sponsors!


Thank you to:

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Official Statement Regarding Return of Kings International Meet Up

February 4th, 2016

For more information, please contact Sarah Curtiss, Program Director at 218-727-1939 or sarahcurtiss@menaspeacemakers.org

Men As Peacemakers is deeply dismayed by the presence of support for the Return of Kings organization in our Duluth community and in communities around the globe.   The overt nature of this group’s promotion of rape is appalling. This organization goes against everything Men As Peacemakers and our allies stand for. 

Instead of providing this group with a platform that brings them attention, Men As Peacemakers would like to remind everyone that sexual violence is a serious issue that affects women in the Twin Ports and surrounding areas every day. Rather than these beliefs only being present in a set of extreme outlier men, sexual violence is a cultural epidemic that plagues our community.  In Minnesota, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 3 Native women will be raped in their lifetime.   Simply removing the group does not resolve the problem.  We challenge our fellow community members to focus on learning strategies to shape their environments in a way that challenges these behaviors.

Men As Peacemakers encourages those outraged to donate to local organizations who work with survivors, and to rally daily in our community by attending events, fundraisers, and increasing awareness and support for preventative programming.

A Special Request to Men | Will You Help to Strengthen Our Communities

Men As Peacemakers Supporters, 
We need your assistance to gather some crucial data that will help shape an exciting new MAP project! Below is a link to a new survey that is being conducted by Men As Peacemakers.  

As part of a newly funded project for developing resources for the community, Men As Peacemakers is seeking men’s participation in an brief anonymous survey about sex, the adult entertainment industry (pornography, escorts, stripping, etc.), prostitution, and sex trafficking (both international and domestic).

We'd greatly appreciate your participation in this project, by completing the survey yourself and/or sharing this survey with men in your own networks. In order for this project to be most successful, we need a large number of men to take the survey. Please take a couple of minutes right now to take action and complete the survey. The survey will only be open until August 15th. 

We appreciate your time and participation. Thank you for your support of Men As Peacemakers!

Click  Here To Complete the Survey


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