As a coach, you are the most important role model in the lives of your players. It is an unfortunate reality that many of the youth you interact with face violence and abuse in their relationships, homes, and other environments. Athletics provides an opportunity for them to experience something better. Our youth deserve an equal playing field where they can achieve their full potential as athletes and human beings. You can help ensure this. We can give you tools to help.

Coach, what impact do you have on your players?

Are you interested in coaching for the success of your players ON and OFF the field? Do you want to help boys develop into respectful, nonviolent, healthy young men? Are you committed to being an even better role model for the girls on your team by helping them flourish as athletes and confident young adults?

Impact coaching will help you actualize your potential as a key role model in the lives of your players.

The players on your team will soak up the messages they hear from you and everyone around them. You are responsible for the athletic environment that shapes your players. You have an unparalleled platform to impact the decisions they make today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Every coach can do it.

We can help.

Preventing Violence:

How can sports help prevent violence?

  1. As a coach, you play one of the most important roles in the lives of your players.

  2. In sports, kids learn about commitment, teamwork, and leadership. They also learn about what is appropriate behavior as a boy and a girl, what is expected of them, and the value of the opposite sex.*

  3. These messages are soaked up at a young age, and reinforced through adolescence, continually shaping decisions youth make in relationships with friends and partners.

  4. By promoting RESPECT and EQUITY rather than domination and violence, you will ensure leaving a lasting, positive impact on your players.

*For example, what message does this send:

“Hey boys, MAN up! You're playing like a bunch of girls!”

The message is clear: Girls are weak and boys should be powerful. The last thing you want to be is a girl. Messages like these shape the way boys think about girls. 

Our Programs

The Impact program actualizes coaches potential to positively influence players lives.

Our programs drive a process of change through:

  • Key note speaking engagements
  • Online courses
  • On-the-ground trainings
  • Impact Coaching Toolkit
  • Action plans, policies, procedures, and mission statements for athletic organizations
  • General technical assistance

The Impact project shapes equitable athletic environments free from sexism, harassment, and harm. We are utilizing the power and influence of sports to prevent violence against women and children. 

Impact provides tools for athletic organizations and coaches to ensure they are leaving a lasting, positive impact on players.

An equitable athletic environment is one where boys and girls are:

  1. given an equal opportunity to develop as athletes and are
  2. valued equally as young adults and athletes

Our Impact

  • Over 20,000 athletic coaches have completed our online trainings
  • 1,000 Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association coaches will have access to the Impact coaching toolkit in 2015. 

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