Men in our community are pledging their time and money to help alleviate the suffering that remains after violence has been committed.

This suffering is often associated with extended health problems, loss of income or access to resources, loss of transportation through vandalism, loss of housing, broken windows and furniture, smashed walls, broken teeth, broken hearts and torn families. The needs of women and children healing from sexual and/or domestic violence are both immediate and long term. We can help.

Please join with other men (and women) working together to stop the violence and mend the harm.

HOW DO I get involved?

Do you have a skill, service or business that can help? We’re asking you to donate free or discounted goods and services that will help women heal from their wounds and rebuild their lives for themselves and their families.

Are you a member of a civic or community group such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotarians, Kiwanis? How about a church, synagogue, mosque or tribal spiritual community? Are you a member of a sportsman’s club or community athletics organization?

For more information:

Ed Heisler
Men As Peacemakers