Men As Peacemakers is excited to announce our upcoming Celebration of Community Peacemakers!

This will be our 23rd year of celebrating the work of Community Peacemakers.

we would love for you to be a part of it!

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Peacemaker nominations CLOSED

Dexter Ojeda Child leadership Award

Dexter was an 11-year old boy who participated in our Boys Restorative Program. For 3 years, Dexter fought a hard battle against cancer and in his fight inspired, not only us at Men As Peacemakers, but everyone around him with transformational love. During Dexter’s short but powerful life, he brought so much joy into our communities and helped us to more deeply connect with one another. Because of the enduring imprint that Dexter left on this world, we wanted to honor his life and memory by creating a new award for children, 12 years old and under. This award is to remind us all that no matter what's going on in our lives, we can still create peace in our communities together.


*Nominees must be 12 years old and under


winner will receive $100.

Steve Rolland Youth Peacemaker Award

Steve was one of the area’s first recipients of a peacemaker award. He was a 34-year veteran of the Duluth Police Department, and for 14 years. He was nominated by the CHUM Drop In Center for his many contributions to the people he served on 1st Street, his peaceful attitude, and his ability to resolve conflicts. He was a friend to people who were struggling in our community. After Steve passed away, his family wanted to do something in his honor and chose to establish the Steve Rolland Youth Peacemaker Award in his memory. Every year this award is given to a Duluth high school senior or junior who exemplifies Steve’s peacemaking work.

——————————————*Nominees must be a senior or junior in high school——————————————

winner will receive $1000 scholarship.

Gary Gordon Adult Peacemaker Award

Gary Gordon taught at St Scholastica for 30 years, where he helped to start the physical therapy program and chaired the department. He was a well-loved teacher and an inspirational role model for many young people starting in their careers. Gary was known as someone who was always bringing people together. Gary won this award for leading a group of Christians, Jews and Muslims from Duluth on a trip to Israel where he facilitated Jews and Muslims meeting in each other’s homes for the first time. Now, every year the Gary Gordon Adult Peacemaker Award is given in Gary’s honor to an adult who exemplifies peacemaking here in our community, like Gary did.

winner will receive $250.


This award is given to an organization that embodies the heart and vision of Men As Peacemakers. The winning organization must show that they are creating and building peace in our community.

winner will receive $250.

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Event History & Past Awardees

The beginnings of Men As Peacemakers’ (MAP) Community Peacemaker Celebration date back to the beginning of our organization. Our non-profit began offering awards and scholarships to community-nominated “peacemakers” - individuals and organizations in the greater Duluth area who exemplified the work of building peace and promoting non-violence.


1995 – 1997: Bill Kron, Maxine Taylor

1996: Vance Hopkins, Jan Provost, Steve Rolland, Steve O’Neil, Angie Miller and their Children, Tyran Schroyer

1998: Elissa Downs, Rachel Kincade, Matthew Sandvik, Linda Soderstrom, Marshall Talley, Susana Pelayo Woodward

1999: Shirley Duke, Kevin Fawcett, Michelle Malila, Cassy Furo, Katie Van Etta

2001: Lanisha Jackson, Jean DeRider, Erin Stauber, Angie Rolle, Richie Townsend

2002: Andrew Olson, Gay Trachsel, Clayton-Jackson-McGhie Memorial and three of its leaders: Henry Banks, Katherine Osthos, Heidi Bakk - Hansen

2003: Megan Bartell, Anna King, Leah Olm, Bob Grytdahl, Donna Howard, Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association, Northland Anti War Coalition

2004: Joel Nelson, Gary Gordon, St. Mark’s AME Church

2007: Brittany Miller, Doug Bowen- Bailey, Sara Thomsen

2008: Salisa Grant, Kathy and Andy (Wil)  Anderson, Nettleton Magnet School

2009: Aaron Gelineau, Quinton Witherspoon

2010: Amazing Grace Bakery and Café, Sigurd Haller, Jeremiah Strong

2011: Cortez (CJ) Ham, Students for the Future, Thom Storm

2013: Jeremy Lopez, Greg Morse, Loaves and Fishes

2014: Kathy Nelson, Billy Menor, Trans*formation

2015: Kim Sisto Robinson, Nalani Harris, Greysolon Plaza Resident Council

2016: Sharon Witherspoon, Bryce Holak & Michael Kelly, American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO)

2017: Marlon Grant, Kong Xiong, Superior African Heritage Community (SAHC)

2018: Dexter Ojeda, Shylah Johnson, Sarah Agaton Howes, Trans Plus

2019: Jayden Morgan, Ty’Von Murriel, Mak Miller Tanner, Integration Specialists of ISD 709