Girls Restorative Program

Education, Leadership, and Togetherness

Our Girls Restorative Program (Girls Group) was formed in 2006 at Central High School as an in-school program serving high school girls struggling to succeed academically. This program creates inclusive and confidential spaces where girls develop authentic, supportive relationships while exploring their identities, building resiliency, and succeeding in high school. Girls explore subjects such like, identity, sexual and domestic violence, addiction. privilege, racism, gender norms, sexism, and healthy relationships. Girls Group provides opportunities for girls to participate in after school activities and community leadership opportunities where they build leadership skills and connect with themselves and their peers. In collaboration with teachers, social workers and parents, Girls Group provides the necessary support for at-risk girls thrive in high school.

MAP piloted the first Girls Group at Central High School, which included 24 girls who were not expected to graduate; 75% graduated. Nine years later, Girls Group now serves an average of 100 girls (9th- 12th grade, ages 14-19) at Denfeld High School annually and has established a program at Lincoln Park Middle School serving 8th grade girls in 2013/14.

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Quite simply, the Girls Restorative Program works. Girls self-identify positive skills in surveys that are implemented before and after programming. In over four years of girls’ surveys:

  • 68% reported they think more before they act

  • 59% reported increased ability to set good boundaries

  • 60% increased ability to select friends who make good choices

  • 50% reported increased feelings for future happiness and success


Graduation Rates

Statistics Gathered 2009-2013


Girls Restorative Program Welding Project 

The Women’s Welding Project started in 2010 as a partnership between the Girls Restorative Program and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. This project introduces girls to a traditionally male dominated field and offers an opportunity to learn from an instructor who is a highly successful female welder.  Additionally, the project introduces girls to technical school, and encourages girls to consider a college career or further education beyond high school. Upon completion of the Women’s Welding Project, girls receive college credit, further encouragement to continue education past high school.