Girls Restorative Program


Our Girls Restorative Program (Girls Group) was formed in 2006 at Central High school, which included 24 girls for that year. Girls Group is located in Denfeld High School, serving an average of 40 girls within Denfeld and 20 other students outside of Denfeld.

This is an in and out of school program serving middle and high school girls. Girls Group creates inclusive and safe spaces where girls develop authentic, supportive relationships by changing the narrative of what it means to be a black and brown girl. This program gives youth the tools and inspiration to have power over their own lives by experiencing leadership within their community in collaboration with teachers, admin, social workers, parents and city officials. Girls Group provides the necessary support for at-risk girls to thrive in high school. 



  1. Enhance Leadership Skills - Girls will understand the value of their presence through their voices and choices to reach their full potential 

  2. Establish Entitlement - Embrace culture and individuality through unity; through Arts and community

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  • ACT OUT LOUD - school play

  • UMD - Tutors 

  • Jason Sole - cooking for community justice

  • YWCA - mother's day walk run

  • AICHO - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women's March


  • PAVSA - Brave Art 

  • YES DULUTH - Job opportunities 

  • GREATER DULUTH - Sidewalk Days 

  • NYS - Zelda Anatomy / economic lit  

  • UWS - Soul Food Dinner 

  • Members Cooperative Credit Union