Men As Peacemakers 

Our Commitment: To engage individuals and communities in innovative strategies that promote equality, repair harm, and prevent violence against women and children.

Men As Peacemakers is building safe communities through programs that address and undermine the root causes of violence against women and children including sexism, male dominance, racism, and homophobia. Men As Peacemakers is at the forefront of a movement to promote equality and end violence against women and children. MAP engages individuals and communities in Minnesota and beyond, by mobilizing existing community resources and developing innovative primary prevention and restorative justice strategies that are proven to significantly reduce and repair the harm caused by men. 

Men As Peacemakers is inspiring individuals to prevent violence and shaping environments that promote respect, nonviolence, and gender equity. We are shaping a new normal- one free from sexism, harassment, abuse, and harm.

Men As Peacemakers accepts the opportunity and responsibility of working with women to prevent oppression and violence and redefine what it is to be strong. Men and women of strength help children develop the resiliency and assets they need – positive values,  caring role models, and a sense of opportunity and purpose, to grow up healthy and become leaders. Peacemaking men stand up with women to create alternatives to violence and oppression and to build a more just and equitable world for women and girls. 


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